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Give All The Love You Can

Give all the love you can,

Then give just a little bit more;

There’s just no way of telling

What plans God has in store.

He may be using you

To speak a timely word

To someone who is hurting

And dearly needs the Lord.

And some kind deed you do

Might point someone to Him;

Just one small act of grace,

Might bring some lost soul in.

The power of love is mighty,

For love comes from the Lord;

So, give all the love you can,

Then give just a little bit more!

 J M McIntosh © 1999

Because You Can

Praise Me because you want to.

Praise Me because you can.

Praise Me because you need to.

Praise Me because of who I AM.

Praise Me through times of trouble.

Praise Me through thick or thin.

Praise Me through hurts or failures.

Praise Me through stormy winds.

Praise Me with songs and dance.

Praise Me with hands held high.

Praise Me with harp and timbrel.

Praise Me with all your might.

Praise Me, all creation,

Praise Me, the great I AM.

Praise Me while you have any breath.

Praise Me because you can.

Sue Nash © 2013

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