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God of Promise

People change

the weather changes

God remains the same.

God is not a man that He should lie

if He spoke it you can rely.

God's Word is True

His Promises are too.

His Word stands firm Forever

settled in Heaven to be changed never!

Heaven and Earth will pass

His Word is the only thing that will Last.

God is a God whose Word can't fail

what He says will Prevail.

All of His works are Just

the Word of The Lord you can entrust.

Whatever promise you are standing on

mix your Faith with it no matter how long.

The enemy comes with a lie

God does it for others but you He will deny.

He who is Faithful is able to perform it

stagger not at His Promise through unbelief.

Remember to stand on the Word of God

until His Blessings are released.


Michelle Medley©

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