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The Challenge

Blessed is the man, indeed,

Who in this life can find;

A purpose that can fill his days,

And goals to fill his mind!

The world is filled with little men

Content with here they are;

Not knowing joys success can bring,

No will to go that far!

Yet, in this world there is a need,

For men to lead the rest

To rise above the "average" life,

By giving of their best!

Would you be one, who dares to try,

When challenged by the task;

To rise to heights you've never seen,

Or is that too much to ask?

This is your day--a world to win

Great purpose to achieve;

Accept the challenge of your goals

And in yourself, believe!

You will be proud of what you've done,

When at the close of day;

You look back on your battles won,

Content, you came this way!

Dr. Heartsill Wilson ©

Victorious Attitude

You cannot win the race,

unless you follow through.

You cannot blame the others,

for it all depends on you.

You cannot win the battle,

if you do not raise your sword.

You cannot claim a victory,

if there is no reward.

You cannot shape the future,

if you wait until it's here.

The future has no purpose,

if you live today in fear.

Your future lies within your hand,

to do with what you may.

For tomorrow brings results,

of what you've done today.

The choices that you make today,

reflect the life you seek.

But first of all, the seeds are sown,

before the gardener reaps.

The future's like a lump of clay,

you hold within your hand.

As time goes by, the clay gets hard,

so mould it while you can.

Failure is an attitude,

that haunts the mind of man.

But, results will be successful,

for the one who knows HE CAN!

James Kisner ©

When You Can

When you can turn from life's temptations

choosing the right from wrong

When you can dream high expectations

and not just simply go along

When you can respect the advice of others

yet make decisions for yourself

When you can cheer as others pass you

and put disappointment on the shelf

When you can smile at the impossible

and try even harder still

By ignoring those who say "YOU CAN'T"

buckle down and say "I WILL"

When you can seek your goals determined

to do your best each day

And yet unselfishly be willing

to help all others along the way

When you can look up to God each morning

trusting him to see you through

Then you have attained that place in life

when other will look up to you.

Brenda Lee Gaddy ©


You look at all your yesterdays,

Memories gone forever,

The journeys that you've travelled,

They're yours, forget them never.

You write the words of your past,

With each minute passing,

Pages in your 'Book of Life',

'Memories' it's asking.

Not always sure which way to go,

But every day's a lesson,

A lesson called 'experience'.

With hope, you keep on guessing.

You look back on yesterday's,

Journeys where you've been,

You read this book of who you are,

So you'll remember when.

Always changing as you grow,

It's yours, so live it well,

You write this book of who you are,

This book is called, 'Yourself'.

Ronnie Brackett ©

More Coming!

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