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God's Little Creatures

Little creatures in creation in every nation

cute ones, pretty ones, magnificent too.

They have different ways of saying I love you.

They like to give hugs and kisses

to see more, one wishes.

They are so beautiful, so playful

especially the baby ones

there's nothing cuter under the sun.

The chatter and songs of birds

capture our ears and bring such cheer.

They give us the sense that God is near.

Little bunnies skip and run

and peep from their holes

beavers make fascinating displays with logs.

The little frogs resting on daisies

capture our vision, they're are so amazing.

Birds and butterflies loop in the air

even formations, without a care.

Bees collecting pollen from flower to flower

where the sunlight glistens on raindrops

left from showers.

Chipmonks and squirrels storing nuts in trees

birds resting on branches singing melodies.

Bear cubs playing while their mums look for honey

they look so cute and are sometimes funny.

Polar bears tumbling down snowy slopes

climbing feet of mountain goats.

Little does skipping among wildflowers in fields

when I behold these things my lips are sealed

then filled with praise and my hands raise.

Nature is enthrallling and I can hear my Maker calling

be blessed, be blessed

all these works are manifest

so you can take joy in them

and make some friends

when they visit your garden or you visit them.

I love you, I love you

I love all my creation

from nation to nation.

There is plenty to see

and fill your hearts with glee.

Yes, such blessings are ours

and sunny showers.

We love You our Creator

there is no peace and joy greater

in the works of men

like meadows and glens.

All creation is beautiful

simply beautiful.

Janet Vargas ©

So Cute!

At Dawn

Early in the morning;

Before the Sun had come;

A cool breeze was stirring;

I walked up and down.

Neighbors were still sleeping;

The weather was so cold;

All was very quiet;

Except the chirping of Birds!

The plants seemed so smiling;

Their leaves were green and fresh;

The ground was soft and wet;

And showed some sprouts afresh.

The Sky now brightened up;

The Sun still nowhere seen;

As if someone would come,

The garden next looked clean.

Soon the Air got filled up,

With noise of various Birds;

They flew in joy, singing;

Another Dawn was born!

John Celes ©

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