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I see His Majesty

God in Creation

The Melodic Hills speak of His Praise

the birds are singing Salvation's Song

The Rivers so clear a Reflection of Him

The Skies His Glory Displayed.

The Trees are speaking of His Righteousness

His Beauty is shown in every Rose

The Skies revealing His Majesty

The warmth of the Sun His Compassion

and Love.

The Rainbow His Grace on every Face

and His Joy, Pure Joy is Raining on me

They all testify of His Excellent Ways

they speak of Him every day.

Janet Vargas© 2014

Jesus: Son of Man

Jesus treasured the Word of God

If Jesus drew on the Word of God

to strengthen His spirit as the Son of Man

we need to do the same.

To let the Peace of Christ rule in our hearts

by letting His Words dwell in us richly and seeking His Presence.

Because His Words are Living and Active dividing soul and spirit ~

they will strengthen your spirit against those things

that weigh your soul down in daily life.

By this Living and Abiding Word

we have been Born Anew ~

As we keep confessing His Words with our mouths

and believe in our hearts of His Resurrection Life in us

we continue to be Raised on a daily basis

and experience His Peace in our hearts.

In Him is Life and His Life is the Light of men!

Janet Vargas © 2014

His words are meant to be

Words of Life

not a religious exercise.

Risen Lord - Our Peace!

Yes, You Rose for Me!!!

Jesus, Jesus, You Rose Triumphantly over the grave

You Rose Triumphantly, my soul to Save

Not only when I found You but as I walk from day to day.

You Rose Victoriously over Your foes and mine

You Rose Victoriously, Lord Divine!

Every time I confess You as Lord, You make me stronger

Yes, You make stronger - so my Victory lasts longer.

My Resurrected Lord, everything You did afford

to make my Salvation Complete as I sit at Your feet.

I can run the Race at a better Pace

when I continually look on Your Face!

Janet Vargas © 2014

The truly Christian way of life

is one of applying those things Jesus did for us

and seeing them as a reality that makes us Free.

Joyfully He Comes

Joyfully He comes over the Mountains to me

The One who made the Land and the Sea

His Spirit rides on Wings of the Wind

He seeks for those who will worship Him

Worship is to Love and Adore

He fills you completely, you want even More

More of your Presence Jesus I Pray

Be in my heart

Throughout this Day.

Janet Vargas © 2014

When you Pray

Did you know that eagles have two types of vision?

one for the Earthly and the other for the Heavenly

It's in cultivating His Presence that we have good

insight for living ~ naturally and spiritually.

The above inspirations are Copyright to this website!

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