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When We See The Lord

When we lift up our eyes and see the Lord

We won't be needing this old world anymore

He will have come to gather His flock

Heaven's doors He will have unlocked

He will have come for the chosen few

He will have come for me and you

His coming will be a beautiful sight

We will be going on a Heavenly flight

We will walk upon Heaven's shores

And visit a place where Angels soar

We will travel streets of gold

For the Bible tells us so

Only the righteous will be enshrined

All others will be left behind

Let us fill our hearts and souls with Grace

And be prepared to meet Him face to face

Ellen Bailey ©

Revelation Of The Rapture!

Revelation of the Rapture makes miracles seem tame,

A billion souls to capture because of Jesus Name...

To raise the dead who sleep in Christ... then those alive on Earth,

Not just a few God highly prized... because they proved their worth...

The Lord decides the day, the hour... the second we must leave,

With one almighty sign of power... believers to retrieve...

And when it's come and when it's done... the doubters may still doubt,

While we're all gone and with God's Son... for we've been taken out...

I envy no-one left behind... with all their cares and woes,

The remnant there, of all Mankind, despite the love we chose...

For we believed God sacrificed His one and only child,

That each of us could be baptised... in His Name, reconciled...

If only revelation brought a billion more and yet...

The doubters didn't spare a thought they'd face such great regret...

No share of love, or joy, or peace... No chance of Christ's caress...

No crown of gold for such as these... No robe of righteousness...

Denis Martindale © 2018

He is Coming

He is coming, Oh He’s coming!

I can hear Him at the door;

I am watching, I am waiting

For my Lord Who came before.

In a moment, just one moment,

Through the heavens we will soar,

Then for ever and for ever

In His presence evermore!

He is coming for His maidens

We shall meet Him in the air,

With the loved ones gone before us

We shall all His Glory share,

What a glorious glad reunion,

As we each His image bear

And for ever and for ever,

No more here, but over there.

John R Ecob©

Wonderful Dream

I close my eyes and I can see Jesus coming;

I can hear the heavenly harps strumming;

I can hear beautiful Angels humming;

I can hear a multitude of Saints running;

They are all calling my name it seems.

Thank you, Jesus, for such a wonderful dream

Ellen Bailey ©

The Rapture Yet To Come

God's Word has a chapter telling of the Rapture,

God's promise to the Church of Jesus Christ...

God's Word helps us measure His eternal treasure,

That's set aside to serve the saints baptised...

Each Christian heart still yearns the time that Christ returns,

It spurs us on towards renewed success,

While revelation grows, God's love still overflows,

In hearts and minds that only Christ can bless...

That's why we preach each day, no matter what they say,

No matter if they still refuse the Lord,

For love compels us here... and that love stays sincere,

It's love like that which shouldn't be ignored...

And though the world may scoff, the day we're carried off,

I pity those on Earth who yet remain,

Though offered grace enough, they still refused God's love,

Amazing grace God grants in Jesus Name...

Denis Martindale © 2018

The Night is Far Spent

The night is far spent, the day is at hand;

I stand on the mount and gaze o’er the land

Where saints once camped in the valley below,

The fires they lit are now just a glow.

Loved ones have parted, the ranks are now thin;

We’ve not long to labour a laurel to win.

Days are all numbered in God’s perfect plan;

While daylight is with us we’ll do all we can.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand;

The time is approaching for our little band

To leave earth’s valley for mansions above;

To be with the Saviour and dwell in His love.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand;

Events are unfolding the way God had planned,

The call to come higher may be any time;

Caught up with our loved ones to mansions sublime.

John R Ecob ©

What Will the Clouds Look Like When Jesus Comes?

What will the clouds look like, on the day when Jesus comes?

Will they be glistening bright

With fluffy billows white,

Glorious in the noonday sun?

What will greet His presence, if the sun is setting low?

Will the clouds be basking in bliss,

With rosy shades of fire,

Wondrous in the evening glow?

What will the night bring forth, if it’s dark when He appears?

Will the clouds be shadowy mist,

With soft wisps dancing round,

Serene in the moonlit atmosphere?

What will your heart look like, the moment of the trumpet cry?

Will you be ready for Him,

With your sins purified,

Saved, caught up in the clouds with Christ?

Sue Nash © 2013

More Coming!

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