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Jesus, Our Saviour!

Jesus, our Saviour often prayed, for wisdom from on high,

Beyond the world He saw displayed, beyond His questions why...

Because His Father knew all things, with love to share it all,

Because Christ was the King of Kings... God's finest miracle!

So if our Lord prayed day and night, how much should we pray, too?

Discerning thoughts and truths are right, discerning what to do...

Just think of knowledge God could give, directions where to go,

The righteous ways each one should live, God's love to overflow...

Jesus, our Saviour faced the Cross, there was no other way,

No great escape from shame or loss, but on that Cross to stay...

And with the prophecies fulfilled, He knew His time to die,

The judgement done, God's anger stilled, with Mary there to cry...

Man's sins dismissed when God could waive such horror and such vice...

To one believing thief Christ gave the gift of Paradise!

The Saviour left His tomb behind, triumphant over death...

The Man who died for all Mankind, Jesus of Nazareth!

Denis Martindale © 2017

The Messiah And The Mentor

When Jesus spoke to those nearby,

He showed authority,

Explaining God has reasons why,

Fulfilled through Calvary...

Appointing mentors one-by-one,

As leaders men could trust,

So Christians learn to serve God's Son

In each new way they must...

That's why each mentor blesses those

Who heed the good advice,

Reminding them that Jesus rose

With all grace He supplies...

With nothing lacking for Good News,

For Gentile and for Jew,

Enough to make sure each can choose,

Including me... and you...

Christ's blessings need God's guiding hand,

A word of power said,

Such that God shows what He has planned...

To even raise the dead...

That's why the Church can grow and grow,

Beyond our hopes and prayers,

Like Heaven's glory meant to glow,

For nothing else compares!

Denis Martindale © 2017

This poem is a good indictment

to some Televangelists

Please be careful.

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