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The Two Builders

Their are two kinds of builders

the foolish and the wise

one digs deep and the others compromise

The wise man digs through layers of gravel, dirt and sand

His house is securely anchored to the rock to be able to withstand

He anticipated there would be stormy days that only the rock

could sustain

He knew the rock wouldn't wash away in the flood or crumble

in the rain.

The foolish man will take a look at the sight

and begins to build, even if it is not right

He doesn't anchor the house on anything other than

vulnerable sand

which will easily wash away, his building unplanned

The wise man takes the blocks of Jesus' Word

he responds in obedience to what he has heard

It becomes a part of his everyday life

Even through hard and trying times

he is committed to doing what's right

The foolish man hears and understands

goes to church and refuses to do what The Lord commands.

Both builders want a house that's secure

but only one builds on a foundation that will endure

Foolish or wise, which are you -

the time will come, will yours stand or fall through?

Michelle Medley ©

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