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"Love To The Fullest"

Love to the fullest once roamed our earth,

He arrived here by means of a heavenly birth.

From the very beginning most everyone knew,

there was something so special this child would do.

As time would prevail He became a man,

teaching us love from Gods own Hand.

Though to some He knew He would be such a dread,

they never could rest until He was dead!

He knew His own fate from beginning to end,

He knew and still loved a betraying friend.

He carried His cross upon His two feet,

to die for our sins and our total defeat.

Why did He do it? No reason but love!

He wanted to help us to heaven above.

Who was this man with such merciful love?

None other then Jesus, our Savior above!

Patricia L Cisco ©

From Prophecy To Calvary

From prophecy to Calvary... Christ's journey was decreed,

From Bethlehem to Bethany... the Lord fulfilled Man's need...

Jerusalem was yet in store... the visitation set,

The time for people to adore... Palm Sunday still and yet...

Beyond that day, Christ faced His fate... Passover to prepare,

Last Supper Christ would celebrate... Gethsemane in prayer...

But then, for Jesus, no way out! The Cross of Calvary!

Despite His fear, despite His doubt! Christ died for you and me...

It's prophecy that led Him still... for He knew all flesh dies,

But He loved God! Obeyed His will... when promised He would rise!

So death was not the end for Christ... or that friend on the cross,

The Lamb of God was sacrificed... God led Him there because

Although we've sinned, our sins are waived! Today, we're Heaven bound!

We've been baptised! We're blessed! We're saved! And yet we're still around!

But there's a day in prophecy, the Rapture of the dead,

And then we, too... yes, you and me... up to our Lord are led!

Denis Martindale © 2018.

Salvation Is The Way

Salvation is God's greatest gift,

A gift we cannot earn.

It's meant to end the tragic rift

And help our hearts return.

For God is there and we are here,

As if we never meet,

Yet God was first to volunteer

Upon His Mercy Seat.

Salvation is Man's only prayer,

That God is yearning for.

God never sleeps, He hears you there,

Of that you can be sure...

The thoughts within each mind are known,

Before the words are said...

Not one of us has been alone,

No matter how misled.

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords,

Christ Jesus must be called...

God sent His Son to bring rewards

Once grace is first installed.

That's why Christ died and suffered loss

As holy hymns explain...

He died for us upon the Cross,

Our lost souls to gain.

Bought with a price! Salvation now!

Forgiveness of our sins!

The Blood that bled upon His brow

Made Him God's precious Prince.

The resurrection testifies

God's promises are true...

Lord Jesus leads to Paradise...

The rest is up to you... 

Denis Martindale ©

Letter from Jesus

Kiss My Feet and bless My Soul

if it's empty, refill My bowl

Let My Cup overflow

treat Me as your own.

Praise Me now while I am here

let us be in Good Cheer

While others spit and cut My flesh

the Chosen Ones will pass the test

My Blood may flow in crimson streaks

it will serve as Strength when the Chosen grow weak.

Every nail they drove through My flesh and bone

completed the Palace that will be your Home.

They sealed Me in a sepulcher of stone

that will become a step to your home

They looked through greed, fear and hate

if they looked with love__ them too I would take.

They may have taken My life as a Man

but now I watch over the Promised Land

I have paved the Garden

with Streets of Gold complete!

Stace Vargas © 80s

The Christian Kingdom Of Love

Blessed is the soul that's born again,

Cleansed by the Blood of Christ,

That mighty flood that teaches men

How much God sacrificed.

Lord Jesus chose the Cross to bear,

His destiny to face...

In answer to each sinner's prayer,

To save the Human Race...

That's why today the Gospel's taught

In Israel and beyond

And why today that we are bought

With Blood when we respond...

And so God's Kingdom must increase

With every passing week,

A million more God can release,

If we, lost souls, would seek.

It's by God's Word that faith can grow

Just like a mustard seed,

Until one day the world will know

How much God's love we need...

In word and deed, let's be a voice

In every wilderness,

So that lost souls can make the choice

That brings God's happiness!

Denis Martindale © May 2011

There's a song that says "Jesus rose from the grave

and we are too lazy to get out of bed."

How early do we rise to pray or praise Him?

And how often do we enjoy a time of devotion with Him?

The King

He reigns in Royal Majesty,

He came to Save the lost,

To set the captive free,

He paid the total cost.

He is High and Lifted Up,

Holy, Holy is He.

He has taken the cup!

He sets the blind free.

Holy is He, Holy is the Lamb

You won the Victory!

Janice Zotter ©

Because You Can

Praise Me because you want to.

Praise Me because you can.

Praise Me because you need to.

Praise Me because of who I AM.

Praise Me through times of trouble.

Praise Me through thick or thin.

Praise Me through hurts or failures.

Praise Me through stormy winds.

Praise Me with songs and dance.

Praise Me with hands held high.

Praise Me with harp and timbrel.

Praise Me with all your might.

Praise Me, all creation,

Praise Me, the great I AM.

Praise Me while you have any breath.

Praise Me because you can.

Sue Nash © 2013

Jesus is Coming for those who are Ready for Him next time.

He has given ALL - Can you blame Him?

The copyrights of all poems on this website belong to the individual authors.

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