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Don’t push

Don’t run


Walk by Faith and not by sight

Step by step in the direction He will light

For we are saved by Faith

We live by Faith

We stand firm in our belief in Faith

We receive the Promises of God by Faith

We are justified in Christ by Faith

We access God’s Grace by Faith

We are waiting for Christ to Return by Faith

Faith is very important to a Christian’s life indeed

Faith, the grain of a mustard seed is all you need

Faith is being sure of what we hope for

and certain of what we do not see

Faith is where the works of God are made real

to those who believe.

Michelle Medley ©

The Process of Faith

The main thing about Faith is to be decided and resolute

You know what you want and what God wants

Healing is the children’s bread, said Jesus.

It’s activated trust that takes oneness of heart and mind.

Yes a singleness of heart and mind with your eyes focused on Him.

During this process, feelings may flutter a little.

That’s alright because we have this treasure in earthen vessels

So we can dismiss any doubts and continue to trust Him for the miracle.

He is already decided and when we are decided,

That is being in agreement with Him –

That’s all that’s needed.

Just worship Him – healings often come

when we are lost in worship.

Faith is oneness of heart and mind

and so is worship.

Janet Vargas © Dec 2017

Trusting In Jesus and Him Trusting In Me

I must live my life before others that they may see

Not only do I love God but that He also loves me.

As I seek for me His perfect will,

His plans and purposes may I at once fulfill.

I ask you, my friend, what is more important,

As we walk this great earth;

Having faith in God or God having faith in our worth?

Jesus Is Lord!

Ruth Byrge ©

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