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I wish I were big enough honestly

to admit all my shortcomings;

Brilliant enough to accept praise

without it making me arrogant;

Tall enough to tower above deceit;

Strong enough to welcome criticism;

Compassionate enough

to understand human frailties;

Wise enough to recognize my mistakes;

Humble enough to appreciate greatness;

Staunch enough to stand by my friends;

Human enough to be thoughtful of my neighbor, and

Righteous enough to be devoted to the love of God.

Author Unknown

Redeem the Time

Life is full of choices and different voices

Choose the best and you will fret less.

Be careful how you lend your ears

This will make for more days with cheer.

Keep your Lord close and never roam

This will make for Peace in your home.

Don’t listen to lies, keep your eyes on Paradise

Unseen enemies speak words that are not true.

Keep your ears for Jesus and His Love for you.

Be mindful of things you cherish

Some things are destined to perish.

So make sure you balance them with heavenly things

And oh such pleasure and Joy they will bring.

Be not subdued by things untrue

Keep your heart full of Jesus and His Love for you.

And you will sing everyday along life’s way.

Scripture says to Redeem the Time.

Janet Vargas ©

The Privilege of Prayer

What a privilege we have, indeed,

To bow to God on our knees.

To come boldly before His throne

And present to Him all of our pleas.

How amazing an activity,

To approach the King of kings.

To know He hears our requests,

No matter how trivial they seem.

What blessings through prayer we receive!

To know Christ more intimately,

To yield to Him all of our cares,

And find a peace so extraordinary!

Sue Nash ©

Thank You, God

All that I have, all that I am,

I offer them all to You,

and promise to do everything I can

to discard all that is untrue.

I will forever give thanks to You,

for you have been my Salvation.

You set the path of Grace anew,

and my erring soul found Redemption.

Dear Lord, I’ll delight my heart in You

I know I am nothing without You.

Thank you for your sublime Love,

for all that You’ve done,

for all that You are.

Thank you, God!

Gabor Timis ©

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