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A Time To Worship

Once in the presence of the Lord,

We praise Him as our God!

By faith, we stand in Christ assured,

Saved by His holy blood.

Our minds recall His benefits,

His courage when He died,

Yet now upon His Throne Christ sits,

Triumphant, glorified! 

Around the Throne of Mercy stand,

With angels gathered near,

Who seek to learn what God has planned

For every coming year.

Let worship flow like waterfalls

And rest like morning dew.

As every precious saint recalls

When Christ said, ' I LOVE YOU '

The King of Love commands respect,

By Him all things were made.

His parables make us reflect

How far each soul has strayed.

Yet trust in God, for He's the best!

Salvation makes us friends.

In Christ, we rest, forever blessed,

Where worship never ends! 

Denis Martindale ©

The Unclaimed Presents

While fast asleep, I saw the Lord

And ran to where He was.

Then on my knees, I prayed assured,

With all my love because

Lord Jesus loved me, totally,

With love that can't die.

From Bethlehem to Calvary

And from His Throne on high

Christ greeted me with such a smile,

Like none I'd known before.

Then bid me walk with Him awhile

Past mansions by the score

Yet in each room that we walked through,

Were presents packed and named.

I was a packer, yet I knew

These gifts remained unclaimed.

So many answers to our prayers

Remain with God above!

It's not His fault, because He cares!

His heart is full of love!

But we are given faith to trust

That He is Lord of all,

Not just for Christians we've discussed

Like Peter, James and Paul.

It's like a banquet! Food on show!

For everyone to choose!

So that our hearts may overflow

With praises of good news!

God wants the world to be as blessed,

As we've been blessed by grace.

Received like me, God's welcome guest,

Who saw Christ's smiling face.

Denis Martindale ©

More Coming!

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