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Casting My Care

Lord, I continually set before you,

My requests and all my needs

With thanksgiving I come unto you,

My concerns given to thee

I wait for your intervention, Lord,

In quietness of soul and mind

And worship at your footstool,

Leaving my cares behind

And Lord, I express my thanks for you,

For all you are to me,

I thank you, Lord, that I matter to you,

Though at times, I cannot see

Because of the circumstances in life,

The things that I go through,

I find my eyes are on the storm,

When they should be looking to you

So help me, Lord, each precious day,

No matter what life brings me,

To carry on with hope and faith

And to rest in you with peace.

M.S.Lowndes ©

Smile like a child just for a while and see confusion subside… Simplicity is the Best Way. JV

Think of the kindness and nature of a benevolent God - it will make a difference to your day. JV

Birds are unencumbered by care as they fly in the air. They neither toil or spin....they store not in barns but rest in His Arms. Let us so rest our cares on Him. JV

Faith is Simple, do not try__ Release it and let it Fly! JV

The Legacy Of Calvary….

When Jesus died for you, for me... did Jesus die in vain?

He left behind a legacy... a treasure we might gain...

The crown of thorns Christ had to bear... His robe gone, more or less...

Meant crowns of glory saints could wear... and robes of righteousness...

Beyond the sorrows and the loss... beyond the dreadful pain...

God gave Christ hope... beyond the Cross... death's power to restrain...

The promise of eternity... the Bride of Christ and more...

That's why Christ died for you, for me... no matter, rich or poor...

But what a price Christ had to pay... with John and Mary there...

Six hours long He had to stay... each evil sin to bear...

And when Christ died, He took them all, so that God could forgive...

Amazing grace... God's miracle... God's gift that we might live...

That's why a billion saints proclaim... We're saved! I'm saved! It's true!

And yet I ask in Jesus Name... Has Jesus saved you, too?

Denis Martindale © 2018

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