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Touch Me

Touch me while I am asleep

And awaken me to Your truth Oh Lord

For many times I fail to acknowledge

Your presence.

In the midnight hour touch me

To meditate upon Your word

And to commune with you!

Oh the splendor of delight to

Awaken to Your touch

To be renewed as the morning

Dew upon the grass of the field.

Touch me Oh Lord continuously

That I may never forget

In You I live, move, and breathe!

Touch me that I may know You

In the power of Your might

And receive Your Resurrection Power!

Margaret C Mullings ©

Peace and Contentment

I feel your abundant love

Flowing to me like the wings of a dove

I hear the sweet sounds of the river,

And feel it's waters bathing my parched

And thirsty soul. Rejuvenating my body

mind and spirit!

What peace and contentment I find

Every moment I am with you!

Such beauty and comfort surrounds

You...oh what love you bestow

upon me and the awe of your divine

Presence! You are all I need for

Everything is in You Oh Lord!

You are Peace and Contentment!

Margaret C Mullings ©

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